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How's my playing! Anything weird, seem off, inconsistent, you'd like to see changed/have explained? I am totally all ears. IP screening off/anon on!

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Mar. 11th, 2021 06:30 pm
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Now, how in the world did I manage to miss your call? Gods, but I must be slipping. Leave a message! I'll rectify this horror immediately.

Two messages would be much appreciated if you're especially cute.
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The Mask
Always around, always on! Unless he's particularly comfortable with someone and no one else is around. You can't see his eyes under it, unless the infrared has kicked on in his left eye, which it does in dark conditions—then it's a faint red glow from the mask's eyehole on that side. The bottom of the scar under his eye could be seen if you got really up close and personal underneath the nose of the mask, but that would be awkward.
Most recently he's put that admittedly ridiculous thing aside, so it doesn't make too many appearances, except possibly in battle. But I'll leave this bit here JUST IN CASE.

The Outfit
He's not picky about his clothing since showing up in game, as long as it 1) involves long sleeves, full pants legs, and a high neckline, and 2) includes gloves. All of his clothing involves this, and if he needs bare hands for anything, he only takes off his right glove. Perfectly normal skin under that one.

Sans Mask
He has golden yellow eyes, set slightly farther apart than a human's, with thick black lashes. Prominent cheekbones give him an aristocratic look, unless he hasn't been eating well lately, in which case aristocratic turns quickly into gaunt (as is true of the rest of his race, as well). Pointed teeth are natural (not vampire levels, but definitely longer and sharper than human), but the pointed nails are just fashionable. His hair is grayed to silver and thinned a little, having previously been thick and black. His ears, usually pinned under the mask, are long, with a twist at the tips, and each is pierced with three gold hoops. They perk with interest and sink with disappointment, but aren't quite at the Furby-level of constant movement. The scar starts thin above his right eye and crosses the bridge of his nose, to end broad and ugly under his left eye. It's hard to say what caused it.

Sans Outfit
Mostly modest nudity! His metal parts move almost soundlessly, but listening closely will uncover the faint sound of hydraulics and metal fitting into metal. The same is true of his skin-side, but even more faint. Now and then sharp movements get clicks. The metal is expertly crafted and designed, stainless steel and in excellent condition. The skin opposite of it is marked with a lot of scarring, which is just as hard to read the origin of as the scar on his face. A "Y" shape at the center of his chest is the only one with stitch marks.

He's short (5'4"), but proportioned to be slender with wiry muscles. He looks like someone who has seen regular exercise for most of his life, and moves with a casual grace which is part racial and part close familiarity with a very graceful form of martial arts. He's well balanced at all times, and his movements tend to be both flamboyant and fluid. And completely counterintuitively, he weighs 316 lbs (all that metal!).

A pleasant tenor, expressive and lilting, with a light and flowery accent. Could reasonably be compared to a Portuguese accent, if there was a Portugal in his world. His English is accented lightly enough to be easily understood, though.

Body Language
He's nearly always gesticulating, sometimes even leaning his upper body into it. He leans in and out of personal space bubbles, and is rarely standing still, preferring to slide around as he speaks. It's not unusual for him to hold a conversation from five different points around someone. He's also fond of touching people, and will drape an arm around a shoulder or lay a hand on a forearm for emphasis. All motions are smooth and flowing, and a little flamboyant.
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Here is an opt-out permissions post!

VANADI IS A HUGE FLIRT. If you're at all uncomfortable with him hitting on your character, please let me know! I can either have him avoid that, or have him avoid your character all together, whichever makes you more comfortable.
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Vanadi has stolen the people-finding list from Sam Winchester, who tragically 'ported out and was unable to maintain it. :C So feel free to comment here to add your character and their sought-after people to the list! It's not necessary for them to know Vanadi; people can be added by writing in the names by hand on one of the lists scattered around the Hold, or passing word on through a handwaved game of telephone.

For ease of maintenance, the list will be organized within the comments. Just comment with the form provided to the proper section for your character, and imagine it's all neatly organized on a piece of paper, and fluttering wetly in the breeze somewhere around the Hold.

If you'd like to remove a character, just delete the comment! If you're unable to, start a new thread with REMOVE in the subject, and I'll take care of it.

CR Chart

Jan. 31st, 2012 03:55 pm
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FOR MY OWN REFERENCE, places in Vanadi's homeland/bits of his language, so I don't get fuckall confused and start crossing my words. Like anyone would even notice but myself.

Aluthsa - Vanadi's homeland, the kingdom of the Kitrites, under our glorious King Thinkofanamelater. We love that guy. Located in the Southeast of the main continent.

Athera - a seabird, used in the dish "Creme of Flight".

Caimen Islands - Vashir's homeland, south of the main continent. A bit of a Jamaica-like vacation destination, if the natives and their many teeth don't make you too nervous.

Kiaria - The continent west of the main one, populated by bird people. Even now it's a bit of a wild and untamable third world country.

Kobast - Kitrian ritualistic fighting (nanara = wind style, atara = water style.)

liasmin - naughty bits

Oramm - Venus's base of operations, and the (only) city Vanadi's given access to while he stays with her. A Chicago-esque big city, but with more slums than ritzy areas.

peidras - rock

sh'nat - a Kitrite genie.

siet - no

Sinai - NYC, if it was located in a desert. Middle-East in the continent, it's a mecca of arts, famous people, and prosperity.

Vadarta - Vanadi's family's name.

Wyander - The name of the world.
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part i.
Character name: Vanadi
Fandom: OC
Species: Imp
Character powers: cyborg who excels at flower arrangement. (increased endurance/speed/strength/crap like that.)

part ii.
1.) Is it acceptable for your character to be mind-controlled or persuaded? How susceptible are they to mind control, hypnotism, or suggestion?
Yes! He doesn't have the strongest will around, so this wouldn't be difficult at all.

2.) Is it acceptable for your character to have their mind read? Does this include traumatic memories? What is their mind like (disturbing, orderly, joyful, surprisingly empty, etc.)? If the character has psychic walls or preventative measures against psychic interference, please explain.
Yes again! He has no defenses against this, but it probably wouldn't be all that interesting in there. It's full of repressed depression, excitement, and romantic love for like half the people he's met in his life. It'd be a little chaotic, bouncing back and forth between those extremes, without much to speak of between them.

3.) Are thoughts mentioned in narration acceptable for a telepath to pick up?
Sure! Just... make sure I know your character is a telepath, and I'll make an effort to point out several thoughts for you.

4.) What about emotions, in the case of an empath? What sort of general emotional reading would such a character receive from yours?
Vanadi feels. A lot. Most often it's affection in abundance, because he prefers not to dislike (or hate), and does his best to avoid that. So he'd come across as a guy who just likes things and people way too much.

5.) Are there any aspects of your character's mind, emotions, or memories you would like to be picked up, mentioned, or used in character? Conversely, is there anything that should not be noticed, or at least never mentioned?
Possibly that depression that he tries to avoid? I can't think of anything I'd like avoided.

part iii.
1.) Physically speaking, what stands out about your character? Imposing size? Physical scarring? Tattoos?
The most obvious feature out of the ordinary when he's masked are his sharp teeth. He's covered in cybernetic parts, and deep scars where the metal meets skin, but he keeps all scars hidden to the best of his ability. Yellow eyes and long, graceful ears are both hidden under the mask, too.

2.) Is your character immune to any of the following: poisons, chemical agents, telekinetic influence, radiation, or types of illnesses?
His body would be able to handle poison more efficiently, but if it's strong enough, it won't get a chance to counteract the poison. His metal bits are a bit more hardy, but the squishy parts are just as susceptible as anyone else's. Catch him there, and there's no difference.

3.) Is your character physiologically different from a human in any way? This can include their blood, skin, hair, et cetera being made up of something unusual or simply differing in construction and durability.
Metal! It's not just on his skin, it's entirely replacing the muscle and bone in some places, and even some of his organs are reinforced-- or even entirely replaced. His brain is about a third inorganic, and even his blood carries nanobots. But the organic parts are fully organic.

4.) Are you amenable to having your character be harmed in any way? How far are you comfortable with injury to you character going? Does this include being fed on by vampires, willingly or unwillingly?
I am down with anything. B) Just ask first, of course!

5.) Is it acceptable for other characters with abilities of shapeshifting or disguise to imitate your character? Does this include ability mimicry?
If a character can pull off the complex machinery too, then hells to the yes.

part iv.
1.) Can your character's presence or aura be noticed by other characters, and how would it look/feel to them? How would it manifest to a character with no supernatural abilities, if at all?
He has no control over things like that, and it wouldn't look like anything to someone similarly ordinary. But to someone sensitive to things like that, he'd have a diminished aura. Only about two thirds of him are "original", and the metal parts would be without an aura. What parts he does have would likely feel very warm, though.

2.) Can your character be affected by magic spells and curses?

3.) Can your character be affected by sin and corruption, and be tempted toward expressing their darker urges (of whatever flavor)?
Oh yes. See: weak of will. Plus he's already happy to indulge in lust and gluttony, so.

4. What sort of sins is the character prone toward, and how might they best be tempted, if you are interested in such an event?
Whoops, already did that one. But yes, he loves luxury and sex.

5.) Are you amenable to the character receiving prophetic visions, including as part of a plot?

part v.
1. Is threadjacking allowed? Under what circumstances?
YES PLEASE, under all circumstances. I love threadjacks. C:

2. Is it acceptable for canonmates that are updated further than yours to inform your character of events yours has not yet experienced?
uh OC but if anyone every apped from the same world, yes!

3. Are there triggering or upsetting topics you would like other characters to avoid mentioning to yours for the sake of continued comfort (racist words, homophobia, self-injury, etc.)?
Nope, I'm triggerless.

4. Are there any additions you would like us to make to this survey?
i could put lyrics here, would you like lyrics?


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